YIHONG - Also the food-grade silicone ensures the pot accessories set to be safe for your family, easy to clean, sturdy and durable. Steam favorite veggies, it never to lose its original flavor or nutrients. Safety and premium quality - your safety is our first priority. Looking for the best pressure cooker accessories to go with your instant pot? you're in the right place! These awesome accessories will take your already awesome Instant Pot to a whole new level! Why Choose YIHONG Accessories Set for Instant Pot? Healthier & More Nutritious - Cooking more healthily is the main reason why people look to buy a food steamer.

Safety and premium Quality - Your safety is our first priority. Package includes: 1 steamer baskets 1 steamer baskets with divider 1 non-stick springform pan 1 silicone egg bites mold 1 stackable egg steamer rack 1 trivet with handles 1 whisk 1 kitchen tong 1 spatula 2 oven mitts 1 silicone mats 1 silicone lid 1 Brush 1 Dish Clip 1 Ebook Recipe 3 Magnetic Cheat Sheets Superior value complete accessories set - the most comprehensive accessories for instant pot, 1 Dish Clip, 1 Brush, 3 Magnetic Cheat Sheets, 1 Whisk, 1 Trivet with Handles, 1 Silicone Lid, it includes 1 Steamer Baskets, 1 silicone mats, 2 Oven Mitts, 1 steamer baskets with divider, 1 Kitchen Tong, 1 Egg Bites Mold, 1 Non-stick Springform Pan, 1 Stackable Egg Steamer Rack, 1 Spatula, 1 Ebook Recipe.

YIHONG 20 Pieces Pressure Cooker Accessories Set Compatible with Instant Pot 6 8 Qt - Stackable Egg Rack - 2 Steamer Baskets- Non-stick Springform Pan - Silicone Egg Bites Mold- with Free Ebook Recipe - Healthy and nutritious lifestyle - when compared to fried food or grilled food, seafood, or heat your food over the trivet, chicken and meats in the 2 different steamer baskets, this accessories set will make healthier meals for your family and keep more than 90% of the nutrients lost. It's also a breeze to clean up.

All accessories meet food-grade standards, completely BPA Free, we use the premium quality 304 stainless material, passed related FDA standard test, dishwasher safe. All accessories meet food-grade standards, easy to clean, safe for your family, we use the 304 stainless material and food-grade silicone, sturdy and durable.

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Snoopy Plush Included - Play-a-Sound - PI Kids - Peanuts Merry Christmas, Charlie Brown!

Phoenix International Publications, Inc. - Storytime, and christmastime, are extra special when you read and cuddle with your very own snuggly Snoopy plush! Celebrate the season with Snoopy and friends! 3 interactive buttons play festive sounds and a Christmas song. This sound book and plush set is special because: hands on interaction engage young readers Multisensory reading experiences stimulate the imaginations of young readers Matching pictures to Play-a-Sound buttons builds concentration A plush can be a fun keepsake Includes classic Peanuts characters: Snoopy, Charlie Brown, Woodstock, and more! .

Interacting with the plush and the story keeps young readers engaged, and music and singing promote language development.

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