- And your party guests will have something yummy to look at and delicious to munch on ! eco-friendly - has one of the most eco-responsible manufacturing processes, minimising the impact on our environment DURABLE - Great for cutting cookie dough, soft fruits, cheese, fondant, or craft/play clay 1/8" 4 mm - 1/2" 13 mm thick MADE IN USA - By Sugary Charm in California.

Six Pack Cookie Cutter - 4inch - Funny Minnie Shapes - Sweet Sugarbelle Mini Plastic Molds for Dough - Sports 3d Shaped Biscuit Cutters - Cookies Emboss - Dough Imprinted Mold by Sugary Charm - Planning the soon-to-be-bride's big night out? Our Six-pack cookie cutter will bake up some fun Chippendale cookies that will be a hit at your bachelorette party. Family owned and operated since 2013 hand wash only - dry immediately, not dishwasher safe perfect cut - extra deep sides for perfect cutting and cushioned grip for better control with thick dough RECIPE BOOK INCLUDED - Make delicious imprint cookies from Sugary Charm's recipes included.

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3.1 Inches - Tin Plated Steel - Ann Clark Bathing Suit Trunks / Boxer Shorts Cookie Cutter

Ann Clark Cookie Cutters 1967N - She has since moved on to other endeavors. Bathing suit trunks / boxer shorts cookie cutter - make treats for your pool party, BBQ on the beach, to honor Dad or Valentines with our Bathing Suit Trunks which also double as Boxer Shorts. Very supportive from the outset, Ann's late husband John became Vice-President in 1996.

That same year her late son, John Jr. Served as a key player when he moved back to Vermont and daughter Elizabeth joined up as Sales Manager. Ann's son ben came on board in 1998 and is now the company's CEO. You will know you've purchased our American made cookie cutter by the "Made in the USA" label on every product.

3.1 Inches - Tin Plated Steel - Ann Clark Bathing Suit Trunks / Boxer Shorts Cookie Cutter - Thank you for choosing our American made cookie cutters. Made in the uSA is an important label to us. Hand wash, dry Immediately, not dishwasher safe. Family owned - family owned and operated since 1989, Ann Clark Cookie Cutters has grown from a small family company to the largest manufacturer of cookie cutters in America.

Our manufacturing team enjoys a happy and healthy place to work and the folks answering our phones are sitting right here in Vermont. Every cookie cutter is made using certified metal from United States Steel Corporation. We pride ourselves on our ability to manufacture high quality competitively priced cookie cutters using American made materials and workers.

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