SAFCA S220 - Great for individual desserts, mini cupcakes, flan, samples, creme brulee, and so much more!. This is a small cup: if you need the larger 4 oz size visit this page: https://www. Amazon. Com/dp/b00pm5nrgC?th=1. This is a strong and sturdy cup for its size. This is quite a bit smaller than the 4 oz. Made in the USA.

Foil cup we sell, about half the size. A nice, sturdy little 2 oz. Disposable foil cup with many possible applications. Very good Quality. Bake sample desserts, use as sauce cups, mini flan, and much more . Great for parties and Catering events- also widely used in the Hotel and catering Industry. Great for creme brulee and many other desserts.

individual Dessert Cups -sauce cups- mini ramekins #S220 250 - KitchenDance Disposable Aluminum Individual 2 oz. Foil Cups - Case pack is 1000 cups top outside diameter rim to rim: 2-3/8" top inside diameter: 2" Bottom diameter: 1-1/2" Depth: 1-1/8".

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4 oz. Pack of 100 - DOBI Ramekins - Disposable Aluminum Foil Ramekins, Standard Size

- Do not use in microwave. Dobi's ramekins 100 pack Baking is fun and simple with Dobi's disposable Ramekins. The strong aluminum and special design made to facilitate air flow make it ideal for even heat distribution which reduces the chance of burned baked goods and helps in creating a beautiful smooth top.

Pan measurements - top Diameter - 3"Bottom Diameter - 2. 5"depth - 1. 5" a few of the possible classic dishes - crème bruléevanilla custardbread puddingflanchocolate souffle And much more! The cups are disposable and recyclable and serve great when you want to treat a special someone to a baked gift or to bring to a party!We recommend lining the pans with unbleached parchment paper when it is permissible parchment paper is usually oven safe for use below 420F/215C but be sure to check each manufacturers guidelines.

4 oz. Pack of 100 - DOBI Ramekins - Disposable Aluminum Foil Ramekins, Standard Size - . No clean up! - just throw away once finished; Perfect for a party or when baking a large batch. Do not reuse pans. Clean pans before using them. Read the "important information"section below for further detail. Items included - 100 pansCaution: - Support pans bottom surface when lifting and transporting. Durable aluminum foil pans - Extremely sturdy pans support the batter when rising to produce a beautiful top.

Superior heat conductivity - Provides for an even-heating performance that promotes a moist even interior.

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